The prayer: „with Mary – helper of Mankind”

The prayer from Jasna Góra: „with Mary – helper of Mankind”
Prayer for those whose salvation is at stake.

Origins of the work
The Community “ with Mary – helper of Mankind” originated as a response to the desires of the heart of Jesus and Mary, and is immersed in the Church’s mission, “ to save.”(cf. Jn. 3. 16-17) Jesus Christ saves the world. His name means God saves. In receiving His body of the Virgin Mary,  He suffered for our sins, and sin in his body was defeated. Jesus rose from the dead, ascended into heaven is seated at the right hand of God and is King and Lord. God wants to save all people. As disciples of Jesus we have the same desire as he does:  we want to help Him in his mission of salvation in this time around the world. She was the first student of Jesus- She listened and accepted His word to the end. We want to help Mary Mother of the Church by putting Her at its disposal. She is the model of the Holy Church, of which Jesus is the head. In Fatima Our Lady asked:«Sacrifice for sinners and say often, especially if you will for the victim: Oh Jesus, I do so out of love for you, for the conversion of sinners and for reparation for the sins committed against the Immaculate Heart of Mary». Children of Fatima saw in a vision of hell, the souls of sinners going to perdition. Hear from Mary that God wants to save those souls. God wants the world to spread the devotion of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

What does the Community do?
A spiritual Community of people dedicated to Mary, who daily pray for the conversion of people. Each Member of the community is praying for the salvation of a person chosen by God. The Community wants to be present in all areas of human life. Its members can meet together to recite the Rosary, participate in the Eucharist, read Scripture and meditate.

How long can you pray to God?
It depends on you, Your commitment and inspiration that you receive from God. Remember that Your Prayer is very needed- to obtain many graces.

Spiritual awareness
When Praying for someone’s conversion, you must constantly keep in mind that you also need conversion (por. Luke 18, 10-14). Never in your thoughts, or words specify the word : “sinner”. You are not sure why He/ she is lost and they do not have to be greater sinners than you. Pray with the knowledge that this unknown person can be yourself. You are not sure what lies ahead in your life. Therefore, pray for more faith  and loyalty to God. Your prayer will be an act of merciful love if you harbored a deep belief that you too are blessed (see. John Paul II, the “Dives in Misericordia”). Don’t limit your concern for the conversion of this unknown person for you to refuse a short prayer. This person God has given you, so that by your prayer you will contribute to their Salvation. The memory of this must be present every time you pray. And when you both meet in Heaven, it will be your joy.

If you forget or you to a break from the prayer?
Don’t get discouraged when one day you forget about the prayer. If forgetting  too often and after taking a break from prayer: Ask God in time to let you see the error of your ways. Maybe your prayer intentions weren’t truthful about your-self, or perhaps you deem that you are better than the one for whom you pray? After some time, try praying, asking God for the grace needed to persevere and to have fidelity to this prayer.

When do you become a member of the community?
On that day, when you first pray the daily prayer of the community; You become a living member of the community until the date on which you decide, by your own free-will, to stop to pray. Members of the community, however, will not stop praying for you.

When you have started the daily prayer:
Give information about the prayer of your-self and friends, of course within a spirit of openess. The decision of each member praying must be made in complete freedom of spirit.

Voluntary offerings
You can offer Him your sufferings and life difficulties. To distribute this practice of prayer of trust you can also make voluntary financial sacrifice to the account:

Monastery OO. Paulinów Jasna Góra, ul. o.A. Kordeckiego 2, 42-225 Częstochowa, Poland,
PL 48 1600 1097 0002 3405 5050 0155 with Community prayer “Z Maryją ratuj człowieka”

Application card
If you would like and you desire to be part of the daily prayer for, ‘God’s chosen for the person whom salvation is at risk’, you can fill out the application card, which is on the website. Enter your personal data and the date on which you pray, and send to the following

You can also send your notification by mail, give by phone or in person. Sending a card is not mandatory; It does not affect the value of your prayer. However, it is a strong testimony to others, that in the midst of the world, there live people who care not only about their own salvation, but also about the salvation of others, and are praying for them.

For all members of the community “Z Maryją ratuj człowieka”(“ With Mary Help of Mankind”) every first Saturday of the month is celebrated Holy Mass. At 3.30 pm. In the chapel of our Lady of Jasna Góra.





Father God, grant that I became a real disciple of your son Jesus Christ. That I have the same desire for what He Has: TO SAVE MANKIND. Therefore, I am before You and beg You to give me the gift of prayer for the conversion of the person whom You have chosen. Amen.


Father God, I ask you, that the power of the cross of Jesus Christ, His suffering and the intercession of His mother’s Pain and intercession of all saints, yield a conversion for this person for whom I pray. “HELP this person OUR LADY!” Amen.

Our father and… Hail Mary Of… Glory be the father and to the son, and the Holy Spirit…




Curia in Częstochowa
L. dz. 776 Częstochowa 28.X.2004
Bp Jan Wątroba, Vicar General



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